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A New Breed of Artist Emerges In the Midwest

When you think of Kansas City music, most people think of Jazz, artists like Charlie Parker and Joe Walsh. But what have you done for us lately KC? Yes, rock and roll, country, as well as R&B artists have long performed in and around Kansas City, but one of the most successful independent rap artists of the modern era also came from humble beginnings right here in the city of fountains.

TECH N9NE is arguably one of the most successful independent artists of all time, having accomplished the impossible... Over 24 million record sales without the support of a major record label. You can think long and hard and still, never come up with an equal. This artist, now approaching the status of cultural icon has consistently outperformed many of his contemporaries while simultaneously out-pacing the efforts of major labels in a business that has been largely dismissive of and traditionally, unkind to the independent artist.

Tech, you are not just a hero to Kansas City, you are a hero to every aspiring independent artist in the world. You are the epitome of the power of grit. Your refusal to let the word "no" stop you from achieving the impossible is the stuff of legend.

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